How to Determine the York Condensing Unit Serial Number

A York condensing unit serial number is one of the many identifiers used by the manufacturer to identify a particular one of their compressors. They are then used to locate this unit or to find its parts when the unit is to be repaired or rebuilt. Normally, there is a metal bar that serves as the identification number for a compressor. The part is usually stamped on the compressor’s top and is placed close to the air tank. The actual unit does not have a serial number but a bar code. In order to be able to identify a York Condensing Unit Serial Number, one can use one of the following methods:

york condensing unit serial number

To determine the York condensing unit serial number by reading the serial number, one has to read the bar code that is placed in the compressor box and looks for the serial number that is present on it. Since there is only one code placed on a box, it is quite hard to locate it without any specific specifications. One can easily do it on the computer and look for the location of the code. Most of the time, the serial number is stamped at the bottom part of the box. The printer is placed on the left side of the box, so in order to locate the serial number, one needs to look at the right side.

To be able to determine the York condensing unit serial number, one can visit any online tool that provides information on all kinds of parts and their parts number. These online resources list all sorts of parts and compressors by part number, making it very easy to locate the exact unit. All one has to do is to enter the serial number on the search bar provided by the resource and type the part number that will match the required unit. This can help in identifying the York condensing unit serial number.

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