How To Check Your Condensing Unit Compressor’s Performance

To find out if your condensing unit compressor is running correctly, you need to have a look at it. If you do not find a lot of air coming out of the outlet then you should start to suspect that something is wrong. You can use a garage light or any other bright light so that you can see how much air is coming out.

If the blower is not moving then you will need to make sure that your condensing unit compressor is not running and that the blower is on. This is because it is possible that it has just dropped its coolant or overheated in the process of loading the compressor. In either case you will need to turn off the compressor. You may find it easiest to use a pressure gauge and simply wait until it starts to drop before you check the air.

It may be possible to get the air back into the compressor by turning the compressor on again, as soon as you feel that the air is no longer moving out. However, this will take a lot of time. You could try using a lawnmower or even a portable air conditioner to help in the process. Sometimes the blades of the lawnmower or the air conditioner are quite powerful enough to cause a small amount of damage to the compressor. This is because they are powered by compressed air. In these cases you will need to replace the compressor or the blower.

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