How to Change a Coil Off in Furnaces

You have probably noticed that when you turn your furnace on there is a coil present and then that coil is turned on by the electric current. This is a coil that the gas burners in the furnace to turn on as well. If the coil isn’t turning on then you can either make the adjustment to change the direction of the coil or you can disconnect the electric current. If you don’t know how to do it then you might want to have an electrician look at your furnace and tell you how to do this if you are not handy.

The first thing that you will need to do when you want to change a coil off is check to see what the problem is with the burner. If you notice that the burner isn’t producing enough heat, then you should check to see what the reason for this is. Sometimes a burnt-out burner can cause this type of problem, so if this is the case, then you will need to find the burners to see if you can replace any of them. After you have found the burners, then you will want to look at the coil and see what the problem is.

One way that you can change a coil off is to take out the wiring from the burner and take it with you. You will need to turn the burner on and then disconnect it from the power source. You will then plug in the new one into the new socket and turn it on. Now you will be able to plug the new oil into the burner. Make sure that you check your furnace manual to see what the correct settings are for your furnace. This is very important because if you have the wrong setting then the new coil can come on and you will have to start over.

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