Getting a Perfect Compressor Housing

compressor housing

Getting a Perfect Compressor Housing

While selecting the compressor housing you need for your compressors, you will also need to make sure that it will give you maximum performance and durability. The compressor housing comes in two different types; air or liquid tight. This housing is often placed at the base of the compressor. It is here where the oil will be kept when the compressor is not running. It also helps prevent the liquid from leaking out of the unit. The housing also holds the air filter that keeps the air clean and safe to be breathed in while working with the compressor.

Compressor housing includes two pieces; a top cap and a bottom cap. The top cap is where the air filters are located. These filters keep the air pure while working on the unit. These filter should always be replaced because they can sometimes get clogged with dirt and dust and the air inside the house can get contaminated due to this. So when looking for the compressor housing, check for the filter as well as whether or not it’s air tight. Another thing to consider is if it can be changed quickly. If the housing has a limited warranty period then it’s best to select the one with an extended warranty.

However, make sure that the device is also durable enough to handle the jobs that you want to do with it. Although, it’s not mandatory, make sure that the device has ample of air flow as well as tightness. Also check if the housing is spill proof. The housing should be able to withstand a spill without breaking apart into small pieces. There are certain models that come with a wipe off rubber backing that is made to prevent rusting. The rubber cover helps prevent the unit from getting bent easily.

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