Furnace Efficiency Ratings – Why Your Furnace Needs to Be the Best

It is very important that your furnace efficiency rating is the highest in the industry. You will find that there are many factors that are involved in the rating of furnace efficiency and if one factor is incorrect then the furnace efficiency rating is incorrect and therefore your heating and air conditioning bills will not be correct. The furnace efficiency rating is also used by HVAC contractors and in the past they would use a furnace efficiency rating as a basis to set the cost of the repair. This is not the case anymore.

furnace efficiency

A recent survey has found that many contractors would actually charge the owner a lot more than necessary for a repair if the furnace efficiency rating was incorrect. This has been a very troubling issue and there has been a great deal of research and work put into finding a new rating system. It is believed that many of the problems that are currently faced with furnace efficiency are related to the fact that furnace efficiency has not been accurately measured for many years. There is also a lack of proper testing procedures that are used to measure furnace efficiency.

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