Furnace Disconnect Switch

Before you plug your furnace in to your electric supply, do a simple check on the furnace disconnect switch. A disconnect switch is a big part of furnace operation. It is your first line of defense for turning off or resetting the furnace. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t try to switch it on yourself – let someone else do it for you. You never know what kind of gas leaks may have been going on in your home and you don’t want to find out.

When you turn on your furnace, the furnace disconnect switch goes on first. On some furnaces it has a long metal pole that connects it to the power source. Some power sources can be easily detected. Others are hard to detect. If you have a suspected power problem in your home, first check the connection between the pole and the electrical connection. If the connection is not connected correctly, you can probably count on the cold air coming out of your furnace. Then you can try to get it hooked up to a power source that is easier to detect.

Some people don’t understand why their switch doesn’t operate. Sometimes it works perfectly, but other times the switch won’t turn on at all. A furnace disconnect switch can be damaged. The wiring may have been exposed to water, electricity, or a fire hazard. Make sure your switch works properly before you try to fix it. If it does not work, call in an expert.

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