Condensing Unit Vs Heat Pump

condensing unit vs heat pump

Condensing Unit Vs Heat Pump

There are many differences between a condensing unit and a heat pump. The condensing unit is designed to be installed in the existing air conditioner duct work. The unit will get the excess cold air through the duct work and turn it into an air coolant which is then passed to the compressor, this will in turn suck the cool air from the air conditioning duct work and turn it into usable air. When the compressor gets full of cool air, it is turned off and the unit is no longer needed. The most common mistake made when choosing between a condensing unit and a heat pump is in determining what function it is to begin with.

A condensing unit will use refrigerant to turn the cold air into the cool air. It is only a refrigerant because there is no other means for the air to come into contact with. It will still have a high temperature, but the temperature is kept low enough that the air will not overheat the system. This is much different than a heat pump, where it is using refrigerant which has been heated to a high temperature and then there is a path of air through which the hot air is moving in. This high temperature air is what heats up and makes the air that is under the system. Heat pumps are more efficient but require more maintenance to keep them running properly. However they can be used to make the air conditioner in your home more efficient.

For many years, a heat pump was considered to be the best system to have in place. However, newer technology has made the heat pump obsolete. The reason is that the technology that is used to heat the water was not perfected. The newer systems are more efficient and cheaper to run. They also do not require a compressor that needs to be maintained by a technician to keep them running properly.

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